Application Notes

Application Notes resulting from work done in the facility

Phosphorus & Sulfur Pesticide Detection by GC-ICP-QQQ

Determination of pesticides in foods using phosphorus and sulfur detection by GC-ICP-QQQ Jenny Nelson, Helene Hopfer, Fabio Silva, Steve Wilbur, Jianmin Chen, Kumi Shiota Ozawa, and Philip L. Wylie Agilent Application Note 5991-6260EN

Elemental Profiling of Malbec Wines with MP-AES

Elemental profiling of Malbec Wines for geographical origin using an Agilent 4200 MP-AES Jenny Nelson, Helene Hopfer, Greg Gilleland, Daniel Cuthbertson, Roger Boulton, and Susan E. Ebeler Agilent Application Note 5991-5922EN

Characterization of Quercetin Metabolites in Humans

UHPLC-ESI Accurate-Mass Q-TOF MS/MS Approaches for Characterizing the Metabolism and Bioavailability of Quercetin in Humans Jihyun Lee, Alyson E. Mitchell, Susan E. Ebeler, and Jerry Zweigenbaum Agilent Application Note 5991-3076EN

Volatile Profiling of U.S. Cabernet Sauvignon with HS-SPME-GC-MS

Volatile Profiling of U.S. Cabernet Sauvignon Wines Using HS-SPME and the Agilent 5975 Series GC/MSD System: Relating the Chemical Profile to Sensory Properties Anna K. Hjelmeland, Ellena S. King, Susan E. Ebeler, and Hildegarde Heymann Agilent Application Note 5991-3682EN